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Sunrise service brings crowd to Bald Knob cross (04/20/14)
ALTO PASS, Ill. -- With dawn breaking over the massive Bald Knob Cross of Peace, at least 1,000 people from across the region celebrated the resurrection of Christ at the 78th annual Easter Sunrise Service. Father Uriel Salmanaca, pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Parish in Cobden, Ill., delivered the message for the observance saying on the day Mary Magdelaine said Jesus had risen, "God manifested his glory and fulfilled all the promises he made in the Old Testament."...
Light in the community (04/20/14)
FIRST BAPTist Church Jackson was entirely redone — from floor to ceiling — with new carpet, a large screen with a high-definition projection system, chairs to replace pews and a state-of-the-art sound system.
Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus (04/20/14)
Throughout the week I have tons of paper that builds up on my desk. Piles of junk mail, thing's I've won and magazines I hope to leaf through. Every now and then instead of throwing things away I find myself stacking up the papers and moving them from one side of the desk to the other. For a moment that feels great. Until I realize that it's the same stack only instead of over here, it's over there. Nothing really has changed at all. It looks better, but nothing is different...
Don't allow treasures of the heart to remain hidden (04/20/14)
Are you truly doing what your heart is leading you to do? You may just be going through the motions. Right? Perhaps what you think you'd like to achieve is hidden so deeply within you that it seems forgotten. Yet, there's that gnawing feeling inside that you're missing out on becoming what you would like. ...
Israeli families gather Monday for ritual Passover meal (04/15/14)
JERUSALEM -- Families across Israel gathered after sundown Monday for ritual meals signaling the start of Passover, with holiday observances overshadowed by a fatal shooting in the West Bank. The weeklong holiday commemorates the liberation of the ancient Israelites from centuries of slavery in Egypt, as described in the Old Testament. In Judaism, it is dubbed the festival of freedom...
Renovated St. Mary's Cathederal opens for Palm Sunday services (04/14/14)
About 1,300 Cathedral of St. Mary of the Annunciation parishioners got their first look at the transformation of the cathedral during the weekend's Palm Sunday Masses. Palm Sunday celebrates Christ's entrance into Jerusalem to complete the Paschal Mystery of his death and resurrection, the Rev. Tom Kiefer of St. Mary said in an email to the Southeast Missourian. It also ties in with the Last Supper; the passion; Easter vigil, which is Saturday; and Easter Sunday, he said...
Members of 37 congregations meet in Springfield (04/14/14)
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Members of three religious denominations say they are setting aside their differences to work together in Springfield and across the state. About 250 people from 37 Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Bahá'í congregations met Thursday to discuss issues they plan to address with the Missouri Legislature, such as early voting, Medicaid expansion, poverty and living wages. Gov. Jay Nixon attended and received a standing ovation from the crowd...
Ministry is a lifestyle (04/13/14)
Becoming campus ministers involved sacrifices for both Andrew and Sarah Abbott — he, a future in politics, and she, her passion for teaching first graders.
'Progress' in a global society (04/13/14)
Recently I watched the documentary "Manufactured Landscapes," which covers photographer Edward Burtynsky's work and the price our consumption of manufactured goods costs our earth and humanity. Largely focusing on globalization's impact on China as the country industrializes, the film opened my eyes to how my consumer decisions affect people on the opposite side of the world. ...
Before Easter, feeling the pain of Good Friday (04/13/14)
Today begins Holy Week, a week that shifts from year to year because the date of Easter -- since the time of the 4th century Roman Emperor Constantine, a Christian convert -- floats depending on the arrival of a full moon. The explanation is a little more complicated than the foregoing but it's close enough to accurate that we'll leave it there. Easter is quite late in 2014, almost as late as it ever can be. I'm grateful for the extra time. A lot has happened...
Examine your problems: Yours? Or someone else's? (04/06/14)
So, you have problems? There are numerous things to consider when you contemplate the challenges you face. First of all, recognize that you have a problem; don't deny it. Then ask, are they your problems, or do they belong, actually, to someone else?...
9 innings of grace (04/06/14)
The first crack of the bat secures the resounding nail in the coffin of winter. Sure there will be cool nights this spring. Players and fans alike may dawn stocking caps for those first cool evening spring games. But the boys of summer are back and with them the warmth of our game -- the American game...
Christians to remember suffering of Jesus (04/06/14)
Local Christians can take up their cross -- literally -- during downtown The Way of the Cross devotional parade Good Friday, April 18. The 14th annual cross walk is a symbolic re-enactment of Jesus' passion and resurrection through downtown Cape Girardeau; Christians from all denominations are invited to partake...
Time will tell how plants fared over winter (03/30/14)
I was in the garden center the other day, watching a young gardener. I guessed her age at 2 years old. She was running from one flowering plant to another, becoming more excited as the minutes passed. She was constantly saying, "Mommy, look, look." Her mother was calmly following her, telling her, "Patience, dear. Patience."...
Church responds to disaster with repairs and support (03/30/14)
By BOB CAMPBELL ~ Southeast Missourian It would be a mistake to think the only thing disaster survivors need is to have their homes repaired or replaced. Very often, they need emotional support as much as or even more than the practical help. That is one of the lessons learned and applied by the New McKendree Disaster Response Team from Jackson during the catastrophic circumstances in Joplin, Mo., Harrisburg, Ill., Piedmont, Mo., Moore, Okla., and, recently, 190 miles west of Jackson at Waynesville, Mo., where the 25 team members repaired flood damages in Sandy Sterling's basement with drywall finishing, painting and trim and electrical and finish work.. ...
I couldn't have done it without them (03/30/14)
It was this past January, and I was planning to take a self-portrait for my photography class in the early morning light of the sunrise at a nearby park. Although my mental image of the picture I wanted to make was pretty elaborate and involved me standing in the cold without a coat, I didn't want to ask anyone to help me with it because I didn't want to be a burden...
Biblical stories make a return to the silver screen (03/30/14)
"[Christians] boycotted Hollywood, but they've finally realized that Hollywood doesn't respond to criticism. It responds to the box office." The aforementioned quote appears in the March 31 editions of Time magazine, in a story about the recent spate of financially successful religious movies: "Son of God," which opened earlier this year, and "Noah," which recently opened. Another film in this genre, "Exodus," starring Christian Bale, is set for a Christmas release...
Disagree without being disagreeable (03/23/14)
"The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say 'no' to almost everything." -- Warren Buffett This quote from fellow Midwesterner and lover of diners -- which are about all that Warren Buffett and I share -- recently crossed my line of vision causing great pause. ...
Talk to somebody (03/23/14)
What happened to the time when people talked together? I mean real-heart-to heart talks? I realize that times are much more hectic now, and technology has come to the forefront -- technology that has brought about all the different means of social media...
Popular Christian pop-rock band brings its tour to Cape (03/23/14)
By BOB CAMPBELL Southeast Missourian Playing in Cape Girardeau for the first time April 3, the four-piece Christian pop-rock band The Afters will bring 15 years' seasoning in their musicianship and songwriting to The Venue at 80 S. Plaza Way, The Afters co-founder Matt Fuqua said...
Prayer group to host ex-captives (03/16/14)
Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh were imprisoned in their own country, Iran, for nine months for their Christian faith. Now free, they will share their story at LaCroix Church in Cape Girardeau March 28 to 30. In addition, the pair will address the youth and participate in the Unforgettable -- Perseverance 5K Challenge...
‘It doesn't matter if we're successful' (03/16/14)
A couple of Sundays ago I was pretty down when I arrived at church. There had been several occurrences throughout the week that had left me feeling like a failure, like I couldn't do anything right, even though I had prayed about and put my whole heart into these things, giving all of myself to make them happen...
God knows what is best for all of us (03/16/14)
"Father, we keep you busy." Energetic worship leader Davy Myers said the aforementioned last Sunday at New Salem United Methodist Church in Daisy, Mo., where I attend occasionally. He was offering a prayer on behalf of this small but vital congregation after it seemed like dozens of prayer concerns were shared out loud...
Methodists end minister's N.Y. same-sex wedding case (03/11/14)
NEW YORK -- A United Methodist bishop on Monday dropped the case against a retired minister accused of breaking church law by officiating his son's same-sex wedding -- a dramatic decision that came just months after another minister was defrocked for the same reason...
Course shows parallels of faith, running (03/09/14)
inexperienced runners will begin by running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 By BOB CAMPBELL Southeast Missourian Acting on the belief that physical fitness enhances spiritual strength, a number of area people, perhaps more than 400, will be studying the Bible while training to run five- and 10-kilometer courses in this spring's annual Run for God program...
Faith is dependent upon relationship (03/09/14)
I've never been a fan of horror movies. Of the few I've reluctantly watched typically I can pick out who is going to become the first and the next victim. Usually it's the person who's alone. They walk backward into a closet, alone. They go into the woods, alone. They walk down into the basement that has no lighting, alone. Their isolation lures harm upon them. Alone. Isolated...
Why would you settle for just good enough? (03/09/14)
Do you think you can attain your goals without exerting effort? Can you master any skill without practice? Will you settle for just doing enough to get by? Merely striving for the bare minimum is a formula for failure. My eyes recently were drawn toward an essay positioned on a kitchen refrigerator. The paper had been written by a junior ARMY ROTC cadet whose dad holds the rank of army colonel. DuSchuyler Shuck wrote "Why good enough is the enemy of great." It reads:...
Marking the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday (03/06/14)
ADAM VOGLER ~ avogler@semissourian.com ABOVE: Father Bobby Manso makes a cross on the forehead of Chris Janet out of ash during an Ash Wednesday Mass on Wednesday at St. ...
Roller rink realizations (03/02/14)
I recently went roller skating with friends. Unless we're counting the time my cousins tried to teach me how to roller skate when I was six -- let's not, though, because that didn't go so well, either -- I had never been roller skating. I don't know what I was thinking, but I assumed that once we got to the rink I would just strap the roller skates on and be a pro. ...
Which of Jesus' disciples are you? I took the test (03/02/14)
A website recently invited me to answer a bunch of questions about myself. The goal was to find out which one of Jesus' original band of disciples I most resembled. Can't resist stuff like this -- so we gave it a try in the hopes it might be revealing...
Jamie Grace: Part of the tour (03/02/14)

christian singer-songwriter returns to Cape Girardeau tonight with Third Day and Skillet after performing here with TobyMac in December. By BOB CAMPBELL Southeast Missourian Telephoning from her hometown of Atlanta, Christian singer-songwriter Jamie Grace said Tuesday touring with Third Day and Skillet for the last two months has been a graduate course in the music business...

Altenburg museum marks 175th anniversary of Lutheran immigration (02/23/14)
ALTENBURG, Mo. -- You see history just about everywhere you look in East Perry County. In Altenburg, population 350, there's the Log Cabin College, forerunner of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's Concordia Seminary in St. Louis; Trinity Lutheran Church, founded in 1867; and the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum, which is observing the 175th anniversary of the immigration of 700 Lutherans from Saxony, Germany. ...
Spiritual discipline of garage cleaning (02/23/14)
I am looking forward to spring cleaning. Perhaps fueling this enthusiasm is just the idea of being able to open the windows and be out side after this long winter; but in any case I am looking forward to warmer weather and throwing some stuff away. I have an annual ritual with my garage. ...
Coloring between the lines, or not (02/23/14)
"Julie, how was school today?" Julie's dad, John, asked his prekindergarten daughter. He thought she looked rather dejected and sad. Her little face seemed drawn, and Julie appeared to be exhausted. "Oh, dad," the little girl said, "I had a bad day."...
Sanctuary of Praise (02/16/14)
with extensive oak woodwork, the new Teen Challenge 5,500-square-foot chapel seats 325 people.
To live with open hands (02/16/14)
This school year -- and probably my whole life -- has been all about learning how to live with open hands. It's a way of living that is a moment-by-moment choice to accept whatever comes and offer it back to God. It means letting things go and it means that after I've done all I can, letting things be what they are, as they are, and trusting that God has everything...
Just take a pebble: Few things occur in utter isolation (02/16/14)
"You have a splendid grasp of the painfully obvious." A seminary student once said the aforementioned in my presence to a professor, in an act of brazen courage and sheer stupidity. Some things are, to put it colloquially, "as obvious as the nose on your face." Many times we don't realize what is right in front of us, though. Our lives get busy or we become so narrowly focused that we miss what's happening...
Pope's announcement changed church (02/11/14)
VATICAN CITY -- It was the quietest of announcements that had the effect of a thunderclap on the Catholic world: A year ago today, Pope Benedict XVI said in a voice so soft that cardinals strained to hear (and in a Latin not all could easily follow) that he was becoming the first pontiff to resign in more than half a millennium. ...
Methodists in crisis over same-sex marriage, church law (02/10/14)
NEW YORK -- The dispute among United Methodists over recognition of same-sex couples has lapsed into a doctrinal donnybrook, pitting clergy who are presiding at gay weddings in defiance of church law against proponents of traditional marriage who are trying to stop them...
The nonexistent accidental good relationship (02/09/14)
Love in is the air. If you're not careful -- with the cold and the snow -- you could miss it. I have the privilege of knowing couples who have been married a few months up to 66 years and longer. Those long-term couples share at least two qualities with each other. First, faith is at the center of their lives. Second, they have an understanding that no relationships happen by accident. Nothing happens by accident, especially relationships...
Is playing it safe your goal in life? (02/09/14)
Staying safe might seem inviting, but is it practical? Does it allow you to grow? Is it what you're made to do? Mike was offered a new job in a different locale. He was very excited at the opportunity to get ahead by accepting the position. Mike's wife, Linda, and the children became caught up in his enthusiasm, too. ...
Planting churches with coffee beans (02/09/14)
The Lord looks favorably on a good cuppa Joe. One of Bollinger County's newest residents learned to combine a business model that took little investment on the owner's part and combined that with his call to missionary work in Central Asia. John Vernon, director of missions at the Cape Girardeau Baptist Association, later found a relationship between planting churches and roasting really good quality coffee...
Precious and irreplaceable human life (02/02/14)
A couple of weeks ago I heard Sister Helen Prejean, an advocate for eradicating the death penalty, speak. She told about her experience of being the spiritual director to a man on death row, which she wrote about in her book "Dead Man Walking," which was made into a movie. ...
A father's null curriculum of restraint (02/02/14)
My father, whose tenuous grip on life has been slipping for awhile thanks to stage-four oral cancer, is coming around the final bend in his nearly 80-year journey. Dad is headed toward the finish line. In fact, since this column was submitted six days before today's publication, it is possible he's already crossed it...
Renovations underway: Murals part of cathedral makeover (02/02/14)
With its nearby parochial school having been expanded a little over two years ago, St. Mary Cathedral at 615 William St. now is gaining new murals depicting the Heavenly and Earthly Trinity and the Annunciation of Mary, when the Archangel Gabriel told Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus Christ, as well as new flooring...
Local teens travel to D.C. for March for Life rally (01/26/14)
By Bob Campbell ~ Southeast Missourian Area junior high and high school students who often had joined prayers to curb abortion learned Wednesday in Washington, D.C., that more people than they might have imagined share that desire. Accompanied by 35 adults, 65 eighth- and 11th-graders from St. ...
The result of discipline is growth (01/26/14)
Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for every kid. After not learning to ride and walking my bike for weeks around my neighborhood, my dad had the brilliant idea to put me on the bike atop the highest hill that surrounded our apartment complex -- remember these were the days when wearing a helmet when you rode a bike was considered weird -- and told me to hang on, and pushed...
Humans can hibernate, too (01/26/14)
So you think only certain animals and plants hibernate? Think again. Although humans take needed breaks from everyday routines to rest awhile, it's different from that of other species. However, when it's planned, rather than a natural part of the makeup of the species, it's a calculated venture -- one that's intended to give you pleasure or rest. Yes, we, mortal human beings, need to hibernate sometimes, too...
Message of salvation: Love is the universal language' (01/19/14)
St. Paul Lutheran Church hosts rummage sale to raise funds to support its mission trips to Guatemala By Bob Campbell Southeast Missourian There would appear to be few, if any, similarities between Jackson and Los Limones, Zacapa, Guatemala, but members of a St. Paul Lutheran Church mission team found some they will long remember during nine days there last July...
Sharing our abundant blessings (01/19/14)
The other day I came across a quote by St. Basil the Great that says, "The bread you store up belongs to the hungry; the cloak that lies in your chest belongs to the naked; the gold you have hidden in the ground belong to the poor." This quote speaks to the detachment I want to have toward material things. ...
His words turned heads; his deeds saved souls (01/19/14)
Getting people's attention, in a world full of distractions, calls for creative strategies. At one time in our nation's history, when traffic moved more slowly on two-lane roads before the advent of the interstate highway system, a particular company found a way to get motorists to take note of its product...
Messiah Choir performs its annual concert today (01/12/14)
Featuring a couple of new soloists, the Cape Girardeau Messiah Choir will present its annual concerts today at New McKendree United Methodist Church in Jackson and Jan. 19 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau. Following preconcert music at 2:45 p.m., the 32-member group's performances of Handel's "Messiah" will begin at 3 p.m. each day and run about 75 minutes, said choir spokeswoman Hope Botwinski...
Creating corners in our lives (01/12/14)
If you're like 60 percent of all Americans, in the last week you've created a list of things you'd like to stop and some things you'd like to start. If your like most people you've stopped or started something because you want to be happier. If only you could start this or stop that, then surely you'd be happier...
Sometimes it may be better to surrender (01/12/14)
Often you think of surrender as weakness, cowardice or laziness. But can it be a good thing? First, what does it mean to surrender? Some dictionaries' definitions are "laying down of arms, give in, admit defeat and submission." None of these words sounds very appealing, do they? After all, who wants to feel powerless, like he's a weakling or someone who lacks courage? To surrender means to stop trying, doesn't it? That's a less-than-attractive trait...
Starting with Grace: Church rings in 2014 with family event (01/05/14)
By Bob Campbell Southeast Missourian One of the area's alternative New Year's Eve parties was at Grace United Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau, where the second annual event was expected to draw more people interested in their faith and one another than other New Year's Eve indulgences...
Amazement in our worth and dignity (01/05/14)
Pope John Paul II defined Christianity as "deep amazement at man's worth and dignity." I love this because I think this must be why God chose to come here as a human to save us: He was deeply amazed by us, his creations, and wanted so badly for us to believe our own worth and dignity -- the worth and dignity he placed inside us when he made us in his image -- that he decided to become human, to show us that being human is good and holy, that it is enough. ...
Using the past as a guide to the here and now (01/05/14)
Those who lead churches are well advised to remember something. In the main, people want their needs met; when they are not met, they vote with their feet. They go elsewhere or they drop out. Today is Epiphany Sunday, the day Christians recall the visit by Wise Men to Bethlehem...
Church renovating former synagogue in downtown Cape (12/30/13)
A church that has taken up residence in a former synagogue in downtown Cape Girardeau is bringing new life and plans for improvements to the historic building. The B'nai Israel Synagogue at 126 S. Main St. has seen various but limited uses for many years. The synagogue, built in 1937 in Spanish and Islamic styles, saw more regular Jewish religious use into the 1970s. But by the late 1980s, it held only limited worship services because of the decline of the area's Jewish population...
All about Christ: Families and churches mark Advent with traditions, music (12/29/13)
Usually associated with churches, Advent also is celebrated by individual families who light the traditional four candles symbolizing hope, peace, joy and love and the bigger Christ candle while adding personal touches to the four-week season preparatory to the Nativity...
Choosing God in the small stuff (12/29/13)
We makes plans for our lives. Knights and princesses, cowboys and cowgirls, from our youngest years, we plan on doing something. We have visions, pictures in our mind's eye of what our future could be. Every day we make decisions to become that something. Yet it's not the big decisions in your life that impact you the most but the small ones...
Surviving the world's Christmas celebration (12/29/13)
It's a widely accepted fact that not everyone enjoys Christmas. In fact, Christmas is one of the most depressing times of the year for many. A local television personality talked about various expectations and disappointments that many endure during the season. ...
Churches offer 'Blue Christmas' for those in need (12/24/13)
ST. LOUIS (AP) -- The crowd was small for a Christmastime church service, the atmosphere quiet and solemn. There were no joyous carols, no children dressed as nativity characters, no festive decorations. About two dozen people gathered Monday night for a "Blue Christmas" service at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown St. ...
KU researcher takes cancer fight to urban churches (12/24/13)
LAWRENCE, Kan. -- A University of Kansas researcher is studying the effectiveness of using urban churches to fight colorectal cancer. Assistant professor Crystal Lumpkins and her colleagues have met with more than 130 pastors and congregants of urban churches in Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., as part of a five-year, $600,000 National Cancer Institute grant. ...
A Christmas prayer (12/22/13)
You who are lonely: He loves you. You who are afraid: He loves you. You who are sad: He loves you. You who feel like you're not enough: You are more than enough -- He loves you. You who are running low on hope: He loves you. You who are worried and anxious: Accept his peace -- He loves you...
Finding himself: Sherlock returns to the stage with message of love (12/22/13)
The DFA, a Christian-oriented troupe of high school- and college-age actors and actresses, will present its second Sherlock Holmes-themed play of the last year at 10:45 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. today at Jackson Church of the Nazarene at 2245 Old Toll Rd. in Jackson...
Make room for whom there was no room (12/22/13)
This Christmas, I'm thinking of tinsel. One of the strongest memories of growing up is seeing the shiny silver strands dangling from the branches of the tree. My wife says in her family of origin, tinsel didn't appear until it was time to open presents. ...
TobyMac, other Christian singers perform for crowd of 5,000 (12/15/13)
Christian hip-hop star TobyMac led a lively lineup of a half-dozen spiritually-minded hip-hop, rap and pop performers Friday night into the Show Me Center, where a responsive crowd estimated at more than 5,000 waved, swayed, cheered and applauded with every song...
Continuing a 'great legacy of faithfulness' (12/15/13)
The Rev. Dr. Kim L. Nelson is the new pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Cape Girardeau. A San Francisco native, Nelson attended seminary at Princeton Theological Seminary, an institution of the Presbyterian Church situated in Princeton, N.J. He previously served at Lakeside Presbyterian Church in San Francisco. Nelson is a high-school football official and enjoys scuba diving. Pastor Kim, as he likes to be called, and his wife Rebecca have been married 40 years...
Changing expectations (12/15/13)
I have a friend who lives off a gravel road outside of town. She's a little concerned that her son needs some greater exposure. Earlier this summer he and his family went to a Kansas City Royals baseball game with another family who has done a lot of international traveling. The two boys were talking and the one says to my friend's son "have you ever been out of the country?" To which he replied, "Of course, we're in the city now!"...
Trying to make a life (12/15/13)
Most of us are prone to judge others, occasionally, because of how they fill their time; but it takes ingenuity to decide how to best make use of your moments. That is unless you're so busy you have few. What brought my attention to the situation of what people do to fill their life was the visiting of a local hospital recently. ...
'Rodeo and Juliet' puts spotlight on cultural myopia (12/08/13)
The friction that may result when families stop getting along has comedic results in the Shakespeare-inspired musical "Rodeo and Juliet," with closing performances at 8:30 and 10 a.m. and 4 and 6 p.m. today at Crossroads Fellowship at 4400 E. Jackson Blvd. in Jackson...
Simply recognizing God in us and around us (12/08/13)
Lately I've been reading a book of Mother Teresa's quotes entitled "Everything Starts from Prayer." I was initially drawn to this book while browsing at the bookstore for two reasons: its title and the fact that it was on sale for half price. I've also been wanting to read Mother Teresa's writings because her life of radical service to the poor and acceptance of every person really resonates within me. ...
A not-so traditional Christmas tree (12/08/13)
This weekend, despite my persistent and patient pleas for an alternative, our family will go out and cut down a live evergreen for our living room. Every year for the 32 Christmases we've spent together as a married couple, I've asked my wife to consider an artificial tree. Every year she tells me if I want a petroleum-based tree made of PVC or aluminum, I'll need a different spouse...
Poplar Bluff native now chaplain for NFL's Ravens (12/01/13)
By ROB TATE Daily American Republic Some NFL fans just might have assumed that Ray Lewis was also the team chaplain during his 17-year career with the Baltimore Ravens. The hulking, emotional linebacker who helped lead the Ravens to two Super Bowls in his career was front and center about his religious beliefs. The cameras always seemed to pick up Lewis as he rallied his teammates, often with high-strung enthusiasm mixed in with some Scripture and testimony before kickoff...
Christmas chaos here and in Bethlehem (12/01/13)
This is my favorite time of year. For months my kids have been asking me, "When is it Christmas?" Now I can say, "Soon." There are so many activities to be a part of, things to see and places to go. You can almost miss Christmas in the chaos. Throughout towns and cites in the yards of churches and homes you'll find peaceful manger scenes cut out of plywood and in some cases with live actors each telling of a peaceful birth of baby Jesus in the small and insignificant town of Bethlehem. ...
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Sunday School 8:45am
Sunday Morning Worship 10:00am
Evangelical UCC (United Church of Christ)
33 S. Ellis, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.evangelicaluccofcape.org/
Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:35am
Fellowship Baptist Church (Southern Baptist)
430 Koch St., Cape Girardeau
Sunday School 9:45am
Sunday Worship 10:45am & 6:00pm
Sunday Children Church 11:00am
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm
First Baptist Church
1289 Lexington Avenue, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.fbccape.com
Bible Study 9:30am
Worship 10:45am
Wednesday Night 5:30pm
First Baptist Church (Southern Baptist)
591 North Liberty Street , Delta
Website: http://www.fbcdelta.org
Sunday Service 10:45am & 6:00pm
Sunday School 9:45am
Wednesday Service 6:00pm
First Baptist Church (Southern Baptist)
212 S. High, Jackson
Website: http://www.firstbaptistjackson.tv
Sunday Morning Blended Worship 8:30am
Sunday School 9:45am
Sunday Morning Modern Worship 11:00am
Sunday Night Worship 6:00pm
Wednesday Bible Study & Activities 6:15pm
First Church of God of Anderson, IN
500 Emerald , Cape Girardeau
Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Morning 10:45am
Sunday Evening 6:00pm
Wednesday Evening 7:00pm
First Free Will Baptist (General Baptist)
2919 Kage Rd., Cape Girardeau
Sunday School 9:30am
Worship 10:30am
Sunday evening 6:00pm
Wednesday evening 7:00pm
First General Baptist Church of Cape
1812 Cape LaCroix Road, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://netministries.org/frames.asp?url=...
Sunday School 9:00am
Morning Worship 10:00am

Children's program 6:30pm
Youth Program 6:30pm
Adult Bible Study 6:30pm
Prayer Time 6:30pm
First Pentecostal Church
3054 Lexington, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.fpccape.com
Sunday School: 10am
Sunday Worship: 11am & 6pm
Wednesday Worship: 7pm
Bible Discovery - Ages 5-10: 11am
First Presbyterian Church
235 Broadway, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.firstccape.org
Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Coffee in the Parlor 10:00-10:30am
Sunday Worship 10:30am
First Presbyterian Church
206 E. Washington, Jackson
Sunday School 8:45am
Sunday Worship 10:00am
Fountain of Life Tabernacle ()
2484 Old Toll Rd, Jackson, MO
Sunday Services
Sunday School 9:30 am
Morning Worship 10:30 am
Kids Church 10:30 am
Sunday evening evangelistic service 6:00 pm
Wednesday evening 7:00 pm
Fruitland Community Church (Southern Baptist)
6040 US Highway 61, Jackson
Website: http://www.fruitlandcommunity.com
Sunday Worship 8:00am & 10:30am
Sunday Bible Study 9:15am
AWANA Sunday 5:00pm
Weekly Small Groups
Good Shepherd Lutheran Chapel
1904 W. Cape Rock Drive, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://goodshepherdcape.ctsmemberconnect...
Sunday Worship 8:00am & 10:30am
Sunday School/Bible Class 9:15am
Grace United Methodist Church
521 Caruthers St., Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.capegrace.org
Sunday School 10:10am
Heritage Traditional 9:00am
Sunday Contemporary 11:15am
Hanover Lutheran Church
2949 Perryville Road, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.hanoverlutheran.com
Sunday Services at 7:45 and 10:00am
Hobbs Chapel United Methodist
3024 State hwy 177, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.moumethodist.org/churches/det...
Sunday Worship 9:00am
Sunday School 10:15am
Illmo Baptist (Southern Baptist)
802 Second St. East, Scott City
Website: http://www.illmobaptist.com
Sunday Bible Study 9:45am
Sunday Worship 10:55am
Wednesday Prayer Service 6:30pm
Illmo United Methodist Church
718 4th Street East, Scott City
Sunday Worship 10:45am
Immanuel Lutheran (Tilsit)
496 State Hwy F, Jackson
Website: http://www.showme.net/churches/immanuel
Sunday Worship 8:45am
Sunday School 10:00am
LaCroix Church (United Methodist)
3102 Lexington Ave., Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.lacroixchurch.org
Saturday Worship 5:30pm
Sunday Worship 9:30am & 11:00am
Lakeside Worship Center (Non-Denominational)
7623 S. Hwy 25, Gordonville
Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:30am
Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church
2826 Independence St., Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.lighthousecapegirardeau.org
Sunday School 10am
Sunday Worship 11am & 6pm
Wednesday Worship 7pm

Transportation Available
Lynwood Baptist Church
2935 Lynwood Hills Drive, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.lynwoodbc.org
Join us Sunday for:
Bible Study 8:00, 9:00 and 10:30am
Worship 9:00am and 10:30am
Sunday 5:30pm - Discipleship Courses for all ages
Maple United Methodist Church
2441 Jean Ann Dr., Cape Girardeau
Website: http://maplechurch.org
Sunday School 9:00am
Sunday Worship 10:15am
Nursery Provided

Prayer Service - every Tuesday at 10am, open to the public
Prayer Box Outside for prayers anytime!

North Cape Church of Christ
121 S. Broadview Drive, Cape Girardeau
Bible Study 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:30am & 6pm
Wednesday Bible Study 7pm
Old Saint Vincent's Roman Catholic Church
119 South Spanish, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.oldstvincents.org
Sunday 10:00am

Open for tours April thru September, Saturdays 12-4pm
For more information call 573-335-1631
Scriptural Evangelical Lutheran (ELS/WELS)
3587 County Road 635, Cape Girardeau
Sunday School/Bible Class 9:00am
Sunday Worship 10:00am
Shawnee Hills Baptist Church (Southern Baptist)
1204 Brandom, Jackson
Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:30am & 6:00pm
Wednesday Evening Prayer 7:00pm
Southside Baptist Church (Southern Baptist)
805 Hackberry St., Cape Girardeau
Wednesday Evening Bible Study 6:00pm
Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:30am
Sunday Evening Worship 5:30pm
St. Andrew Lutheran
804 N. Cape Rock Road, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.standrewcape.org
Sunday Traditional Service 8:00am & 10:35am
Sunday Contemporary Service 9:15am
Sunday Celebrate Recovery 6:00pm
St. John the Theologian Orthodox Christian Church
353 Christine St., Ste. 1, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.stjohnsorthodoxchurch.com
Saturdays: Great Vespers - 5:00 p.m.
Sundays: Orthros - 8:45 a.m.
Divine Liturgy - 10:00 a.m. with coffee hour following
Reader’s Services
We also have reader’s services when the priest isn't with us.
Wednesdays: Reader’s Vespers - 6:00 p.m.
Orthodox Faith and Life - 6:45 p.m.
Sundays: Reader's Orthros - 8:45 a.m.
Typika - 10:00 a.m.
St. John's United Church of Christ
781 State Hwy. FF, Jackson
Website: http://www.ourchurch.com/member/s/StJohn...
Sunday School 9:00am
Sunday Worship 10:00am
St. Mark Lutheran Church
1900 Cape LaCroix, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.stmarkcape.org
Sunday School for All 9:00am
Sunday Worship Service with Communion for all 10:00am
St. Paul Lutheran Church
201 Gray St., Chaffee
Sunday Worship 8:00am
Sunday School & Bible Class 9:00am
St. Paul Lutheran Church
223 W. Adams, Jackson
Website: http://www.stpauljackson.com
Saturday evening Worship 6:00pm
Sunday Worship 7:45am & 9:15 am
Sunday Bible Class 9:15am
Sunday Contemporary Worship 10:45am
The Chuch of God (Church of God)
209 E. Cape Rock Drive, Cape Girardeau
Sunday School – 10 am
Sunday Morning Worship – 11 am
Sunday Evening Worship – 5:30 pm
Wednesday Bible Study – 7 pm
Trinity Lutheran Church
100 N. Frederick, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.t-lutheran.org
Saturday Worship 6:00pm
Sunday Worship 8:00am & 10:30am
Sunday School 9:15am
Trinity Lutheran Church Egypt Mills
5665 County Road 635, Cape Girardeau
Sunday Worship 7:45am & 10:00am
Sunday School & Bible Class 9:00am
Wesley United Methodist Church
142 Carnation Lane , Fruitland
Website: http://www.wesleyumcfruitland.com
Sunday School 9:15am
Church 10:30am
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Cape Rock Rd. & Perryville Rd., Cape Girardeau
Sunday Worship 10:45am
Sunday School 9:30am
Nursery Provided for all activities
Zion Lutheran
176 County Road 226, Gordonville
Website: http://www.zionlutherangordonville.org
Sunday School/Bible Class 9:15am
Sunday Worship 10:15am
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm
Last Saturday of the month worship at 6pm
Zion United Methodist Church
3652 State Highway Z, Gordonville
Website: http://www.umcgordonvillezion.org
Sunday Worship 8:00am & 10:30am
Small Groups 9:15am