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Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014

Speak Out

Today's Printed Speak Out

Still missing

Several weeks ago, we called in and asked Speak Out if anyone knows what happened to the statue at Ben Franklin that used to be at the corner by Franklin School. We're still wondering where it is and why it hasn't been put back. We would love to see Ben Franklin, who represents Franklin School, back out in the public.

Robin Williams

I am so saddened at Robin Williams' passing. He was one of my favorite entertainers. I hit bottom and survived my suicide attempt several years ago. I sought help and have been sober four years. When you're depressed and drink or use drugs heavily, it's a lethal combination. I heard comments that Robin was selfish for his actions. That's not true. He loved his family, friends and fans. He just hit bottom.

Teacher suggestions

These are some suggestion that might help Cape Girardeau students and parents. I taught school for 30 years. And these won't cost the taxpayer a dime. Both teachers and principals and other administrators need to be held accountable, and especially the students. And parents shouldn't expect the impossible. Encourage them to do the best they can, but make them work to expectation. Make them do their homework. Don't leave it up to the students. Tell them you expect them to behave and that you're going to support the teacher, or you're at least going to listen to both sides before you make a decision.

Gas prices

The other day someone called in and was thanking President Obama for lowering the gas prices to $3 and 20-something-cents a gallon. I wonder if they called in and thanked President Bush when he had the gas prices at $1.87 before he left office?

Tax revenues

Hey, news people, the reason tax revenues are up is because the price of goods are up. It doesn't take a genius to figure out when the price of goods and services go up so do taxes, and that is why tax increases on ballots in the last election were defeated. People are tired of governments, local and federal, spending more than they take in.

Ferguson looting

Exactly how does destroying your own neighborhood, burning businesses that provide jobs, and looting and stealing help the situation in Ferguson, Missouri? Why would somebody want to locate businesses and provide jobs there if an angry mob is merely going to destroy it? We don't have any facts on this case and the investigation is ongoing. Let the facts come out and let justice be served.

Sidewalks are not free

New sidewalks for students. What is the definition of "some?" I hope more than 10 students walk on those new, free sidewalks. Most students ride the bus, or their parents drop them off in front of school. Most students do not want to walk to school. Just remember: Nothing is free.

Road falling

Yes, this is to the city of Cape Girardeau Street Department. On Lindwood Hills Drive, right off of Route W, between the bridge and Route W on Lindwood Hills Drive, your bridge is just about to fall in on the east side of the bridge. Both sections of the road are actually falling in towards the bridge. I wonder if anyone with the city has noticed that. Anyway, Lindwood Hills Drive between Route W and the bridge there, as you turn off of Route W. The road is falling in.

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Still missing: Looks like Ben has flew the coup. You have checked with the principal of the school - right.

Robin Williams: Glad you recovered and maybe by your words and experiences you can help others.

Teacher suggestions: Well said, teachers know best.

Gas prices: The oil producers and oil speculators control the prices, not Congress or the President.

Tax revenues: Very true, you can't be an entitlement nation and still pay the bills.

Ferguson looting: Some will use any excuse to get something free, that's what most of the nighttime protesters want....the daytime protesters are wanting answers.

Sidewalks are not free: True, nothing is free....the local, state, and federal governments have a fixed amount of money that needs to have set priories for the benefit of all.

Road falling: You did your good deed for the day, now call city hall or MODOT and report your findings.

And that's the way it should be....Tuesday August 19, 2014.

-- Posted by semo471 on Tue, Aug 19, 2014, at 12:16 PM

Ferguson looting...the same way it was done during the riots of the 1960's .

Gas prices/Tax revenues...the price of everything has gone up .





Cards 6 , Reds 5

-- Posted by ✴Rick on Tue, Aug 19, 2014, at 7:50 AM

Still missing,

Did/do you really think calling Speak Out and demanding the return of Ben will get your desired results?

The new Franklin building put elements from the old building inside. I would deduce that is where Ben is.

Road falling,

Do you really think calling Speak Out and demanding some one fix your road will get your desired results?

Call the appropriate entity; I believe that would be county commissioners (if outside the city limits) or city hall (if inside the city limits.

-- Posted by Discourses on Tue, Aug 19, 2014, at 5:49 AM
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