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Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014
Pet photos

My 4 best friends
3 out of the 4 dogs are rescue dogs that we adopted. Teva, Lilly, Cody and Cesar.

Pretty Boy
My baby boy Bentley. Half Pit/boxer. Loves to cuddle on the bed and go for walks.

Mocha Latte Ballance
Mocha Latte is a full blooded German Shepard (Sable color) She will be 3 Oct 14!

Sadie is a one year old pomeranian. She loves chasing the cat and playing tug-of-war. In her down-time, she enjoys...

Kiki Likes to Sleep With His Mousey
Kiki fell asleep with his mousey in his paws.

Say hello to Rambler Burrows
Caption this? He's one of a kind haha

Say hello to Rambler Burrows
He chased a lizard up the tree! I had to save the moment!!

Dixie Lou cute pet photo
Dixie Lou laying down snuggling with her favorite toy.

Say hello to Rambler Burrows
Now that's some self control!

This is Sugar smiling for my daughter Zadie.

Georgia cute pet photo
Georgia, sitting pretty for a treat and a picture at only 4 months old.

Polka the Chihuahua
Polka enjoys being lazy, whether it be in her bed or on the water....

Grinning Barney
Ol Barney grinning upon hearing he is going fishing at the Elk's Lake.

Coco with her random blue feather

Smiling Chan
This is my shelter cat I adopted named Chandler. I was going to take a picture and just happened to capture this...

Your photos

Pocahontas 4-Her wins Awards
Mary Koeberl Rechenberg (grandmother) ~ 10/01/14
Ten year old Savannah Rolfing, member of the Pocahontas 4-H Club, models the dress she constructed as her first year sewing project and displays the awards she earned at the SEMO District Fair.
18th Annual Wiffleball World Series Champions
Carie Huston ~ 09/30/14
The 18th Annual Wiffleball World Series took place at the Historic Sherwood Yards in Cape Girardeau on Sept. 27th and 28th 2014. The Diablos have won their 5th championship crown. Pictured from left: front row, Jeff Augustine, Billy Roll Huston, Keith Heuring; second row, Shawn Roll Huston, Ross Bennett, Mike Renick, Trent Wills, Steven Porzelt...
Watermelon propane tank
Gerrie McCoy ~ 09/30/14
Gerrie McCoy was tired of looking at the plain, gray propane tank at her house in Olive Branch, Illinois. She pondered what she could do with the tank, paint it like a Pepsi can as her mother-in-law, Willa Fern McCoy, is a Pepsi-holic. Or maybe a caterpillar with a backpack. But she decided to go with a watermelon with a piece poking out of the top...
Goodbye Summer, Hello Falll
Jeanine Hager ~ 09/30/14
On the beach at Destin,Florida, September 2014
Saturday evening sunset
Melba Elledge ~ 09/28/14
The beautiful ending for a Saturday evening.
A big spider web
Omaira Rivera ~ 09/26/14
A big spider web on one of the bushes''they made a great job!!!
It Could Be Me, It Could Be You...It Could Be Us
Photo Credit: Samantha N. Christopher ~ 09/26/14
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Time to Pink Up!
Southeast Hospital Hosts Inpatient Rehab Reunion
Mark Bliss, SoutheastHEALTH ~ 09/26/14
The sixth annual Southeast Hospital Inpatient Rehab Reunion was held on Thursday, Sept. 25, in the Hospital's Harrison Room. The reunion brought together more than 30 Rehab staff and former patients and family members for food, fun and fellowship. Former Rehab patient Laurie Coffin of Malden, Mo., wore a princess crown to the event. She is greeted by Rehab tech Sylvia James (center) and occupational therapist Suzanne Schamburg (right)...
Renaissance Beauty Academy Donates to Cut It Out
Heather Thompson & Valerie Kolwyck ~ 09/25/14
Renaissance Beauty Academy donated nearly $1,500 to Cut It Out, a program dedicated to mobilizing salon professionals & others to fight the epidemic of domestic abuse. The funds were raised from a recent fashion show competition titled "The Gatsby Affair" on September 20, 2014 in Jackson MO...
Renaissance Beauty Academy Scholarship Ceremony
Heather Thompson & Valerie Kolwyck ~ 09/25/14
Seven proud students attending Renaissance Beauty Academy in Cape Girardeau each received a $1,000 "Imagine All You Can Be" scholarship from Matrix. Top Row: Tammy Arnzen, Alicia Koenig, Alexis Arnold, Mikayla Green Bottom Row: Jordan Russel, Danielle Naeger, Emilie Davis...
Laura Holmburg ~ 09/23/14
You can see plenty of dragonflies to watch and photograph in the pond at the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center, this one stopped just long enough for me to snap a picture.
Busy Bee
Laura Holmburg ~ 09/23/14
A bee is busy collecting pollen on a beautiful fall day.
Goodbye D.C.
J. Moyers ~ 09/22/14
This is D.C. (Dad's Cat). Four short years ago, he adopted my parents and from there was adored by many people. On September 8th 2014 he was diagnosed with advanced feline leukemia and his health rapidly declined from there. On September 16th 2014 we had to do what is the hardest thing that a pet owner may ever have to do, we had to have D.C. ...
Glacier National Park-Alaska
Pat Burger ~ 09/22/14
View from the cruise ship. Blue sky blue glacier blue water
5 Generations
Sherri Simmons ~ 09/21/14
Ryan Joseph Simmons and his father, Cory Simmons are seated in front of Cory's mother, Sherri Simmons. Standing next to Sherri is her mother, Glenda Bollinger, standing behind her mother, Ruth Westrich.
Gone Girl Photo during rehearsal scene
Seth Hudson ~ 09/19/14
Emily Ratajkowski standing at a press conference where she confesses an affair and discusses the disappearance of Amy. This is during a late night rehearsal. As extras, we were used as 'press' and journalists attending the press conference. This was all taking place at the Drury Lodge Hotel conference room here in Cape Girardeau...
A Light-Weight Visitor to Cape's Airport
Kim Stricker ~ 09/19/14
Our airport provided a resting spot for this blimp as it travel through our area late yesterday afternoon. It circled west of the airport for about twenty minutes, waiting for it's ground crew to arrive and set up a mooring vehicle out in the grass next to the west ramp...
American Queen
Aaron Palmer ~ 09/18/14
This is a top view of the American Queen.
Blue Angel Cloud
Jan Elfrink ~ 09/17/14
Saw this cloud while watching the Blue Angels flying over Scott City.
humming bird
Jan Elfrink ~ 09/17/14
I took this photo while at our cabin.
Gayla Lincoln ~ 09/17/14
The 2nd place melon was raised by my Dad, Henry Broglin, from White Oak, Mo. He's a retired farmer and loves to grow a large garden every year. This melon weighed 135 pounds and was entered at the SEMO fair this year.
Driftwood on Whidbey Island
Elaine Hayden ~ 09/15/14
A favorite shoreline view from our luncheon site on Whidbey Island, Washington taken during our recent vacation.
Central Middle School Sixth Grade Students of the Month
Teri Wilson, SoutheastHEALTH ~ 09/15/14
Cape Central Middle School sixth grade Students of the Month for September are, from left: (front row) Abby Arbeiter, JayKiya Turner, Yuktee Srikant, Avery Sigmon and Bailey Vangilder; (second row) Tyler Gibbs, Mallory Cook, Sarah Mckinley Davis and Delaney Shaffer; (third row) Nathan Boerboom, Landon Pearson and Reeanna Foster. SoutheastHEALTH recognizes these students in its role as a Partner in Education with Central Middle School...
Central Middle School Fifth Grade Students of the Month
Teri Wilson, SoutheastHEALTH ~ 09/15/14
Cape Central Middle School fifth grade Students of the Month for September are, from left: (front row) Haley Creg, Ethan Groves and Skylar Brown; (second row) Tambria Wilson, Sage Russell and Kenshin Chiba; (third row) Courtney Cannon, Nick Hodges, Kierra Johnson and Mariel Bisher; (fourth row) Madison Gantt, Johnathan Ferreri, Gracie Stricker and Liam Gorman. SoutheastHEALTH recognizes these students in its role as a Partner in Education with Central Middle School...
Bumper crop of persimmons
Randy Black ~ 09/14/14
It looks as if there is going to be a bumper crop of persimmons this year. This was taken on one of the wild persimmon trees near our pond east of Jackson.
Photos from Nova Scotia
Mel Van de Ven ~ 09/14/14
Peggy's Cove
Kelly Middle School National School Spirit Day
Janine Mayberry ~ 09/12/14
Kelly Middle School students on National School Spirit Day!! GO HAWKS!!
SEMO District Fair Father Son Look-A-Like Winners
Lisa Blank ~ 09/11/14
Benjamin Blank with his father, Scott Blank, winners of the Father-Son Look-A-Like Contest at the SEMO District Fair. September 10, 2014
A shooting star
Mary Ann Kagle ~ 09/11/14
Coming home late from WI visiting our daughter and family, I took this picture and as I took it there was a falling star. I didn't even notice it at first until later as I was looking at my pictures I had taken and there it was.
Lightning spread
Brent Collier ~ 09/10/14
A lightning strike taken from Cape County Park South.
Sunroof Hello
Sandy Lowrey ~ 09/09/14
Madison says hello while popping out of her Daddy's sunroof!
Kelly Middle School Students of the Month
Janine Mayberry ~ 09/09/14
Kelly Middle School September Students of the Month. From left, 8th grade Lynsey Powers, 7th grade Samantha Coffee, and 6th grade Katelynn Ward. Go Hawks!!
Fair at Dusk
Samantha Deusinger ~ 09/08/14
The sky was painted brilliantly above the Semo District Fair. I truly could not stop watching the sun's setting.
Gorgeous Fair View
Samantha Deusinger ~ 09/08/14
I could not keep my eyes off of the gorgeous sky at the Semo District Fair Saturday night. What a spectacular site.
Turtles enjoying their lunch at the Lazy L Safari Ranch
Mary A. Kiefer ~ 09/04/14
We enjoyed watching the turtles eat their lunch at the Lazy L Safari Ranch on a very nice Labor Day morning this year.
Labor Day visit to the Lazy L Safari Ranch in Cape County
Mary A Kiefer ~ 09/04/14
Grandson Trenton William enjoyed a visit to the Lazy L Safari Ranch in Cape Girardeau County on Labor Day, his favorite activity at the ranch was feeding the parakeets.
Resting on a Tulip leaf
Glenn Schneider ~ 09/04/14
Found this little tree frog during a bike ride on the Tunnel Hill Trail
Stained Glass Window
Karen Grayson ~ 09/04/14
This was taken inside the City Museum in St. Louis
Karen Grayson ~ 09/04/14
This was taken inside the City Museum in St. Louis!! It was so beautiful!!
Perfect Ending
Karen Grayson ~ 09/04/14
I took this picture off of Hwy. 61 just south of Perryville. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!!
American Queen
Aaron Palmer ~ 09/03/14
The American Queen headed South on the Mississippi
Fawn without a mother
Bob N. Proffer ~ 09/01/14
Fawn without a mother
Momma and Baby Deer
Pamela Ann Jones ~ 09/01/14
A doe and three of her fawns were eating crabapples on our side yard on September 1, 2014
Color in the Caverns
Gordon L Haycraft ~ 09/01/14
Colored lighting in Meramec Caverns makes for a unique display.
Moving Day
Gordon L Haycraft ~ 09/01/14
Granddaughter rearranging the stones at Elephant Rocks State Park
Locks of Love
Bonnie Strack ~ 08/31/14
Belinda Strack 16 of Cape Girardeau donated 10 inches of her hair to Locks of Love. This is the second time that she has donated her hair to this organization. Stylist Retta Schild of Studio Designs cut her hair for her.
Pickling home grown pickles.
Dr. Bob Gardner, Sr ~ 08/31/14
Home grown peppers are being pickled.
Aaron Palmer ~ 08/28/14
sunrise over the river
What a dive!
Michelle Flath - photo taken by Joe Hobbs ~ 08/27/14
Jackson diver doing a dive during the SEMO Conference Mega Meet on Tuesday at the Cape Pool.
Passion flower
Randy Black ~ 08/26/14
I spotted this Passion Flower growing along our creek east of Jackson. The Passion Flower is a wildflower native to southern Missouri.
Life is amazing!
Laura Schmitt ~ 08/25/14
Great Grandpa Arnold Kapfer with his Great Grandson Caleb Schmitt. Yes, They have the same hat!
'Catch of a Lifetime' groom's cake
Emily Blattel, The Cake Mom & Co. ~ 08/25/14
Rainbow trout groom's cake for an avid fisherman. Hand carved cake covered in fondant and airbrushed. Fins and tail are made of fondant and airbrushed/hand painted. Plaque is fondant hand painted to look like wood. Servings: about 15
Three Boy Scouts receive rank of Eagle Scout
Paula Huggins CPA ~ 08/25/14
Boy Scout Troop 5 of Cape Girardeau held a Court of Honor Sunday August 24th at the VFW Post 3838. Three scouts were awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. The recipients were Dylan Max,(son of Bill and Deanna Max) Harrison Ayers(son of Van and Nancy Ayers) and Cody Crowell(son of Bill and Jamie Crowell)...
Watch Parts buck 110 by Garett Finney
Garett Finney ~ 08/24/14
A custom Buck 110 with real watch parts. This is a steampunk knife. The bolsters are engraved with a matching pattern and the blade is mirror polished.
Lego art
Gordon L Haycraft ~ 08/24/14
Monarch butterfly on a milkweed plant made out of Legos. Display of Lego art was in the Climatron at the St Louis botanical gardens.
The Curtain
Gordon L Haycraft ~ 08/24/14
The Curtain formation in Meramec Caverns.
Old Town Cape receives $2,000 from US Bank
Amanda Baert ~ 08/22/14
US Bank donated $2000 to Old Town Cape Inc. to help aid in the revitalization of downtown Cape Girardeau. From left are Nick Burger, - Commercial Relationship Manager, US Bank; Kevin Taylor- Development & Resources Coordinator, Old Town Cape; Marla Mills, Executive Director, Old Town Cape; Steve Green-Market President, US Bank...
Clymene moth
Randy Black ~ 08/21/14
This is a Clymene Moth. It is sometimes called the Jesus Moth or the Crucifix Moth. I took the picture on the side of my red truck.
Groom's cake
Nicole Huff ~ 08/20/14
Old Ford Truck grooms cake. All edible and airbrushed to look rusty.
Rosette wedding
Nicole Huff ~ 08/20/14
Ombre rosette cake
Ruffle wedding cake
Nicole Huff ~ 08/20/14
Elegant ruffled fondant Wedding Cake. Lots of decorating hours but so worth it!
Spongebob's happy home
Nicole Huff ~ 08/20/14
Characters made from modeling chocolate, both tiers cake with all edible decor!
Perfect book cake
Nancy Hadler ~ 08/20/14
Nickie Farrar of Nickie's Cafe and Sweets in Altenburg made this custom cake, "F is for Friends" for the recent book review meeting of the Frohna Friendship Circle -- of course, a take on the Sue Grafton book series that includes "A is for Alibi" and "V is for Vengeance."...
Bachelors club
Glenn Schneider ~ 08/20/14
Took this photo around dusk on Aug 3rd in a Cape Girardeau bean field.
Willy Wonka cake
Tom Romano ~ 08/20/14
A friend of mine in the UK makes amazing cakes. She made this one for her daughter. Her name is Kerry Burnell
US Bank supports Big Brothers Big Sisters
Amanda Baert ~ 08/20/14
US Bank proudly presented Big Brothers Big Sisters this week with funding support for their ABCToday program in the amount of $1100.00. Pictured: Jim Ham-Vice President, US Bank; Cassy Dameron- Branch Manager, US Bank; Ashley Beggs- Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters; Nick Burger- Commercial Relationship Manager, US Bank...
Bright Summer Floral Cake
Emilyl Blattel, The Cake Mom & Co. ~ 08/20/14
This bright wedding cake features three tiers of lemon, white velvet and chocolate cake - with raspberry filling between each layer - covered in rich vanilla buttercream. The floral cascade is made of nearly 50 hand-made gumpaste peonies, roses, rose buds and hydrangea blossoms matching the wedding's floral arrangements and colors...
30th birthday cake
Amy Simpson ~ 08/20/14
This is a 30th birthday cake that was made by Jennifer Yarbro with The Cake Mom and Co for my husband's surprise birthday party.
Love In Bloom
Renee Bennett ~ 08/19/14
taken at The Rose Garden in Cape Girardeau
Last bit of summer fun in Florida
Jennifer Farnham ~ 08/19/14
Our trip to Destin, FL to visit grandma was a blast. It was the best way to end summer.
Strike up the band
Mark Bliss, SoutheastHEALTH ~ 08/19/14
Dennis Stroughmatt's band plays some foot-stomping Creole music at Tunes at Twilight on Friday night, Aug. 15, at the Common Pleas Courthouse Gazebo in Cape Girardeau. SoutheastHEALTH is a major sponsor of the popular concert series.
One of these is not like the other
Glenn Schneider ~ 08/16/14
Caught these two on Old Sprigg
Vapor trails at sunset
Glenn Schneider ~ 08/16/14
Skyline with jet's vapor trails visible against sunset
What is going up the Mississippi River on the barge?
Mary A. Kiefer ~ 08/14/14
Another picture of what looked like a rocket ship being moved by a barge on the Mississippi River near Seventy Six Conservation Area in Perry County on August 13th.
Looks like a rocket ship being moved by a barge on the Misissippi River
Mary A. Kiefer ~ 08/14/14
This picture was taken at the Seventy Six Conservation Area in Perry County on August 13th, it looked like a rocket ship on a barge going upstream towards St. Louis. My grandson thought it was really cool.

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